how about SIGRELOAD?

nicholas shectman (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 06:25:41 +0200

what do people think of the idea of a SIG on unix boxes that
would cause a Mosaic or lynx client to do a reload, either of
the current document or of some document that had been
specified (for example, an inlined image)? The easy way
to do it that I can see is to define a signal to use, and
then have the browser read in the names of the documents
to be reloaded from a dotfile or tmpfile, much the way that
other programs read in from tmpfiles (usually the name of the
tmpfile has the PID of the process in the filename, to avoid
confusion between multiple processes on one machine), and then
have the browser compare the documents with those being displayed
and then reload any documents being displayed and mark as stale
and documents in cache.

i don't read this list directly, but i do keep up with the
archives, so you may want to copy me on any reply mail as the
archives run a little behind.