Bob Denny (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 09:10:40 +0200

David --

>was wondering if anybody has had any experience/problems with using
>NULLSOCK. I want to use mosaic in a standalone mode so that I can
>HTML-tag my textbook for students to use. However, mosaic almost
>doesn't run on my 386-SX and runs fair sometimes on a 486. Some of the
>files are 80K. Does anyone know about file-size limits and machine-type
>requirements and mosaic?

WinMosaic uses a lot of memory, and the amount used seems to increase drastically
as the size and/or complexity of the document grows. And yes, running on a 386-SX
is agonizing. Remember, it _is_ alpha...

Have a look at WinWeb from EINet. Info at:

It is small, it is smooth, it is fast, and it is reasonably stable. It does not
handle forms properly yet, however, but it shows a lot of promise. It's also in
alpha phase.

-- Bob