Mirroring ALIWEB (was Re: Indexing of WWW space (going one higher

Martijn Koster (m.koster@nexor.co.uk)
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 15:37:20 +0200

I suggested a couple of days ago:

> If I rewrite the search code (currently a Plexus script) to be a CGI
> script, is anyone in the States willing to mirror the database via FTP
> and offer a search capability?

I have added a CGI capability to ALIWEB's form search, which is
working happily under CERN, NCSA and PlexusCGI, in addition to running
as a Plexus module.

I've written up how one can mirror the ALIWEB database, on

To all of you who have expressed an interest in doing this, please
have a look, and if there are any questions either email them to me,
or to the aliweb mailing list.


-- Martijn
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