Re: More on Indexing and Moving one higher than HTML etc

David Sisson (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 19:28:22 +0200

> I talked about wanting to keep certain information in a file that may or may
> not be transparent (author, owner, keywords etc) and the more I think about
> it the more that I can see that people **wont** add this information to the
> files. After all why should they? It wont show up at the page view level so
> people tend look at the wider implications. How can we find a way, without
> inventing a submissions system, to enforce people to use this information.

Well, I don't see why I'd want to --- ever. After all, my Unix box already
stamps the time and date that I edited the thing, plasters my userid on it,
plus has permissions associated with it to show who can edit it. The server
should be able to generate that (I know that my server already does a stat on
the file before sending).