Re: Local "action" in Forms?

Nathaniel Borenstein (
Fri, 5 Aug 1994 20:26:01 +0200

Excerpts from www-talk: 3-Aug-94 Re: Local "action" in Forms? Guy (948)

> 3. If you do allow a scripting language are you going
> - invent your own
> - use an existing language, if so which one ?
> - make it language independent

Those of you who are interested in this topic and have not already done
so may want to check out Safe-Tcl, a language designed for the precisely
analogous purpose in the email world.

Safe-Tcl is an open language, aimed at eventual standardization, for
mail-enabled applications ("active mail" and mail-based services) which
I've been developing in conjunction with John Ousterhout, Marshall Rose,
and others. It provides an open framework on which you can build
applications that will do essentially everything such systems as Notes
or Telescript can do, but in a heterogeneous multivendor environment.
The system is free and unencumbered in source form -- we're looking for
people to try it, criticize it, develop applications, find holes, etc.
Your participation is invited!

You can ftp a document that explains the basic model, a language
specification, full source code and documentation from
in the directory mrose/safe-tcl.

There's also a mailing list: safe-tcl[-request] Cheers.
-- Nathaniel