Re: More on Indexing and Moving one higher than HTML etc

Thomas Walsh (
Sat, 6 Aug 1994 01:17:47 +0200


I would like to suggest that we start a thread on what type of information
could be globally used or shared or at least defined for an index.

It appears there may be several efforts and approaches towards providing
indexing capabilities into the WEB. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks.

I beleive:

We should define an "objects(s)" or its contents that would allow
inter web server information to be shared in a concise and standard format.

After we have accomplished this we can then talk about eficient (sp?:),
scalable index update and awareness protocols.
This may be the most useful ( IMHO ) apporach to distributing index
information to the end user or at least key border WEB servers.
This approach may allow for domains of WEB servers to exist with
internal domains sharing private data and border domains exporting
general information to the world.

Using this type of approach we would have the functionallity of DNS naming
( maybe ) and rip/BGP like information propagation (router route propagating
mechanisms ).

then again maybe not! My .98 cents worth!

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