Oracle/WWW Gateways

Ralph Graw [RWG21657] (
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 19:38:33 +0200

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I'm interested in Oracle-WWW gateways - current approaches, prototypes,
future thoughts, anything! And would very much like to correspond with
anyone working on such.

I am involved in a project that is considering the Web as a means to make
a variety of information available - including Oracle data, internally to a
very broad user base. I'm particularly interesting in gateways that
provide "browsing" capabilities - providing access to Oracle data using the
same metaphor as all other Web-accessible data.

An example is Stan Letovsky's work at Yale, but I want to make sure we
don't overlook any additional work being done elsewhere. Particularly work
done to insulate the gateway itself from the backend database (e.g. RDA,

If you can point me towards any good resources I'd greatly appreciate your
time. Please contact me via any of:

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