ANNOUNCE: MacWeb 1.00ALPHA2.2 (an interim release)

John W. Hardin (
Thu, 18 Aug 1994 21:41:53 +0200

MacWeb 1.00A2.2 fixes the problems with transparent GIFs and the "Add This
Document" Hotlist command. It also adds caching of DNS lookups.



Announcing the Release of
EINet MacWeb Version 1.00Alpha2.2

MCC's EINet group is pleased to announce MacWeb Version 1.00Alpha2.2.

Note: MacWeb 1.00ALPHA2.2 is an INTERIM release that is being made to
fix two bugs in the A2.1 release. Transparent GIFs now render correctly,
and the "Add This Document" hotlist command works once again.

MacWeb is a full-featured World-Wide-Web, hypertext browser. It is
available as freeware from the URL:

MacWeb is also available via anonymous FTP from the machine Change (cd) to the directory /einet/mac/macweb and get
the following file:


MacWeb requires that your Macintosh be configured with System 7
and MacTCP 2.0.2 (MacTCP 2.0.4 recommended).

To report problems, suggest enhancements, or send general comments
about MacWeb, please send email to

MacWeb is a World Wide Web client which uses hypertext, or hypermedia
where references within a document are links which lead users to other
documents, lists, resources or actions. The World Wide Web supports
the display of text, graphics, sound, and video. It is also a tool
through which Internet users can access information using from various
other Internet front ends, navigators, information, services, and

One new feature that made it into this interim release of MacWeb is:

1. DNS Caching
MacWeb now caches DNS lookups for improved performance.

Copyright 1994 Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
(MCC). All Rights Reserved. EINet is a trademark of MCC.

All other product or service marks contained in this software are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

MCC grants to Licensee a license to use, copy, and distribute the
MacWeb Software for academic, research, and personal-user purposes
only, without a fee, provided that (i) the above copyright notice and
this permission notice appear in all copies of the Software and
related documentation, and (ii) the MCC and EINet name may not be used
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