Re: forms question
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 16:14:27 +0200

S. HAYLES writes:
> You could use hidden fields in the form to store status
> eg
> <input type="hidden" name="status" value="put status info here ">
> I've made this work quite well in a search screen. If you need lots
> of status you can of course add more hidden fields - status1, status2
> etc.
> (BTW why can we only have 1 submit button per form - allowing more
> would improve the quality of forms interfaces no end, and doesn't
> seem technically difficult?)

It is trivial to send the 'name' of a submit field, which I believe was
decided on as a 'Good Thing' on this list several months ago. The emacs-w3
browser did this for a while, and it is very handy. But lots of
poorly-written forms interfaces didn't like the extra field in the
submitted xxx=yyy&zzz=1111 type thing.

Another thing that is very useful (which of course the emacs browser does
:) is the use of alternate ACTION attributes on submit buttons.

-Bill P.