Re: finger url

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 23:36:31 +0200

In message <>, Nick Galbreath writes:
>Is the finger URL really even needed, except for ease of use? It
>seems to me a 10 line perl CGI script would take care of it with a
>calling of . <a href = "http:/cgi-bin/finger?[]">

You have to remember who the relevant parties in the communication are.
If I'm reading my mail, and somebody says

"For more info about our product, finger"

and all I have is a WWW client, I can't exactly log in to,
start up an HTTP daemon, and install a CGI-bin script.

I can, however, do an "Open URL" or a goto, or whatever and say:


I think some folks might like to be able to use something a little more
straighforward, e.g.:


But it seems to me that if there were sufficient need for this, somebody
would have implemented it by now.

I believe in descriptive, not prescriptive specifications. Design by
committee is BAD.