Re: Pizza Hut & Mosaic

Ian Kluft (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 08:52:27 +0200

>From: "CyberWeb" <web@sowebo.CHARM.NET>
>Subject: Re: Pizza Hut, Mosaic, & the Media
>> 22-Aug-94's Wall Street Journal reported that a Santa Cruz (CA, USA)
>> Pizza Hut is now taking pizza orders via the web. [...] Sorry no URL!
> I've been trying to order for 2 days now, but the connection
> never gets made. I'm starving..

It would have been faster if they'd used FedEx. }:-)

BTW, I actually heard CBS radio news try to spell out the URL. They forgot
to say the second slash after the "http:". The SF Examiner had the same
error online on their WWW server but they corrected it when I pointed it out
to them. BTW, I first heard about it from CNN.

It really looks like the media went hog wild over this one. I've never heard
or seen a URL on mass media before!

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