Re: Pizza Hut & Mosaic

John DuBois (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 06:18:33 +0200

You don't even need inlined graphics, though without them you won't see
pictures of the pizzas. This was announced & first demonstrated Monday at SCO
Forum (taking place this week at UC Santa Cruz). Came home from Forum to find
Pizza Hut boxes lying about, housemates having already tried it :)


On Aug 24, 2:31pm, Nick Galbreath wrote:
} Subject: Pizza Hut & Mosaic
} On the lighter side:
} 22-Aug-94's Wall Street Journal reported that a Santa Cruz (CA, USA)
} Pizza Hut is now taking pizza orders via the web. One must have a
} internet connection and have Mosaic according to the article. I would
} imagine that any browser supporting Forms and inlined graphics would
} work. Sorry no URL!
} Just thought you'd find that interesting with all the talk about
} caches and fingers and commericial applications. Sorry to clog
} your mailbox.
} -nickg
} p.s. If any one is really interested I could put up the whole article
} (2-3 paragraphs).
}-- End of excerpt from Nick Galbreath