Re: NCSA's un-free browser - NOT

Nick Arnett (
Sat, 27 Aug 1994 03:17:08 +0200

At 2:36 AM 8/27/94 +0200, George Boyce wrote:

>Allow me to vote on one... I haven't seen the source code yet for the
>mac and windows versions from NCSA but I have been told, by Spyglass,
>that you pretty much rewrote everything. I heard the same from
>Digital, and the same from others. Will the free version from ncsa be
>based on their original base code, or on the much improved code base
>that you are now using?

Goodness, such optimism! Or perhaps I don't understand what you mean by
code base? It's hard for me to imagine that Spry would give away the
source that it has written, though it would certainly be wonderful for
all... Wouldn't that just assure that the free browsers would be serious
competition for Spry?


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