Web and Notes

Nick Arnett (narnett@verity.com)
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 04:18:34 +0200

At 1:03 PM 9/1/94 +0200, Nigel Willson wrote:

>I may have missed information on this, having just returned from
>a three week vacation but, does anyone know if there are any tools
>available to share information in both directions -- or -- failing
>that a Lotus Notes contact.

I'll have to look into this further, but we may have a solution. Our
engine is built into Notes as its search system and we also have a Web
server built on the same engine... which means that you could use our Web
server to search through Notes information. Going the other way might be
trickier, but I'm sure something could be cobbled together.

What kind of interaction would you (or anyone else with similar needs) want
to have?


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