RE: Looking for an HTML editor. (htmlasst status)

Harry J. Saal (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 22:06:05 +0200

>I've been asked off list for more info on htmlAssistant, and one of
>my correspondents reminds us of Archie. It is on a number of servers
>that you can ftp it from. Also, the author is
>if you wish more details or to purchase the complete package, which
>is even more wonderful than the shareware version.
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>is listed as on archie servers; I have now downloaded a copy.

All the versions of that I found via archie are very very out of
date, and have significant bugs. The version found via the NCSA Mosaic pages is
0.25A - quite ancient. The latest version can be found at

There you will find the freeware 1.0A version and a no-license fee beta version
of the "Pro" (commercial version). The Pro flavor has a nicer, more compact tool
bar interface along with some other goodies.