Re: ANNOUNCE: Hypermail in C, version 1.0 (fwd)

Brian Behlendorf (
Sat, 3 Sep 1994 00:43:59 +0200

On Fri, 2 Sep 1994, Arthur Secret forwarded:
> >To:,
> >Cc: Multiple recipients of list <>
> >From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
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> >>
> >> *Hypermail* is a program that takes a file of mail messages in
> >>UNIX mailbox format and generates a set of cross-referenced HTML documents.
> >[...]
> >> * Using the <html> tag, HTML passages in articles can be marked
> >> so they can be parsed
> >
> >A few suggestions, if you don't mind ...
> >
> >What about body parts that are explicitly marked text/html in the MIME
> >headers? I'm always disappointed when I take the trouble to wrap a posting
> >up as a multipart/alternative with text/plain and text/html parts, only
> >to have it garbled by the various list servers and mail->html converters.

This is true, but leniancy on the various mail->html authors should be
given: trying to turn the raw anarchy of email-based communications into
useful and correct HTML is a staggering task.

> >Hmmm... it would be nice to see text/setext support too. See:
> >
> >

Someone asked the other day if we'd make the back issues of Wired
available in Newton book format so he could read them while not hooked up
to the net. Uh... :)

> >Forms-based searching by message id, author, date, subject, keywords,
> >and fulltext (and/or combinations of the above) would be nice too!

Funny you should say that.....