Re: ANNOUNCE: Hypermail in C, version 1.0 (fwd)

Earl Hood (
Sat, 3 Sep 1994 01:38:01 +0200

> > >What about body parts that are explicitly marked text/html in the MIME
> > >headers? I'm always disappointed when I take the trouble to wrap a posting
> > >up as a multipart/alternative with text/plain and text/html parts, only
> > >to have it garbled by the various list servers and mail->html converters.

Take a look at <URL:>.

> This is true, but leniancy on the various mail->html authors should be
> given: trying to turn the raw anarchy of email-based communications into
> useful and correct HTML is a staggering task.

Thanks for the empathy. Some people seem to forget that us mail->html
authors are doing alot of the work on our spare time. Plus the stuff
is free.

> > >Forms-based searching by message id, author, date, subject, keywords,
> > >and fulltext (and/or combinations of the above) would be nice too!

Regardless of what mail->html converter you use, one can provide a WAIS
index (or other fulltext search index) to the mail converted. I do not
see why much effort should be put into adding fancy searching
capabilities to a mail->html program when there are tools out there can
do the job.

Since one can incorporate their own HTML in the index page I create
with my program, hooking a form that provides searching capabilites
thru WAIS (or other program) is easy. And I'm sure that it isn't that
difficult to incorporate a search form to with other existing
mail->html programs.



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