Re: WYSIWYG HTML Authoring

Todd Inglett (tinglett@VNET.IBM.COM)
Sun, 11 Sep 1994 23:58:11 +0200

Excerpts from ext.misc.www-talk: 9-Sep-94 WYSIWYG HTML Authoring Joshua
Alan Knauer@andre (342)

> Is there anyone working no a WYSIWYG HTML authoring package for Mac, PC
> or X-Windows?

Talk to the Andrew Consortium guys at CMU who have a nice edit view for
the ez editor (X Window System). We have a couple of programmers who
are developing a new version of htmltext which is a little rough around
the edges, but it works. You can also easily expose the HTML tags and
edit them raw if necessary. The guy to talk to is Fred Hansen

-todd inglett