Re: Content Provider Problem?

Christian L. Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 08:35:35 +0200

David Berger writes:

> Of course, other programs can grab the information off whatever output device
> is being used. Image grabs are trivial to do, video grabs and audio
> grabs are somewhat harder. A text grab would take some effort and
> some OCR, but is possible. However, one can imagine stumbling blocks
> being put in place that would deter some of these, e.g. ignore certain
> X events etc.

Yes, but given that the point of computerized tools is to make
manipulation easier for the user, this seems counter-productive.

Check out the RSA enhanced browser demo bye CommerceNet

> image/video/audio with the user's key that are not perceptible and
> can't be removed from the information.

And especially
in Stop That Copy
which references