Re: Content Provider Problem?

abhijit kumar choudhury (
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 15:51:29 +0200

Some of my colleagues and I have spent some time working on
the problems you mentioned in your posting. Here are pointers to some
papers you can pull off the Internet :

1)Can you protect the information from being distributed.

Copyright Protection for Electronic Publishing over Computer
Networks. Choudhury, Maxemchuk, Paul, Schulzrinne

2)Can you mark the information such that if it is distributed, you can
track the one who distributed it.

Electronic Marking and Identification Techniques to Discourage
Document Copying. Brassil, Low, Maxemchuk & O'Gorman.

Document Marking and Identification using both Line and Word
Shifting. Low, Maxemchuk, Brassil, O'Gorman

Hope this helps.

Abhijit Choudhury

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