Re: Content Provider Problem?

Karl Auerbach, cavebear Tools and Technologies, 408/427-5280 (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 02:23:53 +0200

> > Basically, the problem decomposes into two areas:
> > 1)Can you protect the information from being distributed.
> No.
> > 2)Can you mark the information such that if it is distributed, you can
> > track the one who distributed it.
> No.
> My opinion, and echoed by people around here: content providers are just
> going to have to deal with these realities. It's *unnatural* to the
> medium to try to do 1 and 2.

I suspect that if this were true that the big information providers
won't publish through the web and will invent an alternative
mechanism more to their liking. You might say that this means
they are going against the tide. However, for a lot of information
they are the only game in town and folks will jump through a lot of
hoops to get (and pay for) their information.