Re: Mosaic/WWW for classes

Darren New (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 23:42:18 +0200


gfaber@Teknowledge.COM (Gina Faber) writes:

Hi gina, nice to hear from you!

> Hello, this is Gina Faber from Teknowledge. I saw this post
> in www-talk, and was looking forward to seeing people's response,
> as I don't know of anyone ever trying what you proposed. Could
> you do me the favor of filling me in on the responses, conclusions?
> or post them back to the list?

I have had a few private responses. None took up the challege
of what could be done in a class. All of them told me
about the NCSA httpd .htaccess process and that the cgi-bin
scripts could look at REMOTE_USER to get the name of the person.
You can use the hidden input tool to pass the information
between pages.

But the key is that you are always running a cgi-bin script
that uses an HTML page to pass parameters to the next script.
Without that focus, it is hard.

We did think up a way to use dynamically created directories, but
I think that it is unstable.

> Also, are you planning on attending the Chicago WWW conference
> in October? I'm going, and since I'll be alone, it would be nice
> to know that I'll know at least one other person there by face.

I was not, but tell me more. Perhaps I will try to attend.

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