HTML list archive moving!

Nick Arnett (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 08:13:23 +0200

As promised, I'm moving my HTML archives of this list (and others related
to the Web, publishing and libraries) to a new, faster site at my new
employer, Verity Inc. I'll keep the archive up at
<URL:> for another week or two, but please
start using the one at Verity, which can be reached from our home page,

You'll find things somewhat rearranged there and a couple of features are
temporarily missing. There are no aliases to the top menus of the lists,
and there's no full-text search yet. Okay, okay, I know that second one is
ironic, considering that Verity has a great full-text search engine (if I
say so myself), but don't worry, it won't be far behind... and it'll be
great! We have some very cool things coming, including... oh, well, stay

The Verity site is under constant improvement, so please bear with us if
it's off-line occasionally. We'll do our best to minimize the down-time.

The one improvement that you should notice immediately is SPEED. I'm
switching from a Macintosh Quadra 605 over a 28.8 phone line to a very fast
Sun workstation with a T-1 that's only two hops off a very fast backbone...
We're still generating the files with a Mac, though. HyperCard remains my
favorite prototyping environment.

Feedback is encouraged. Please feel free to e-mail me or our Webmaster
[] with your comments.

Nick Arnett

World-Wide Web Product Manager
Verity Inc.
Mountain View, California