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CERN httpd is a generic hypertext server which can be used as a
regular HTTP server running typically on port 80 to serve hypertext
and other documents, and also as a proxy -- a server on a firewall
machine -- that provides access for people inside a firewall to the
outside world. When running as proxy httpd may be configured to
do caching of documents resulting in faster response times and lower
impact on the network traffic to the outside world.

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CERN httpd 3.0 is now available. You can get the source code from

Note that this package DOESN'T contain the CERN Library. This must be
down loaded from

An announcement of a new release of the library is made together with
this one. Many of the BUG-fixes and new features are a part of this library.

Precompiled binaries are available for Sun4, Solaris 2, HP Snake,
NeXT, NeXT-386, Decstation Ultrix, DEC OSF/1, SGI and AIX. They can be
found at

Look also at the list of other platforms supported at

Precompiled binaries with direct WAIS access are available for both
Sun4 and Solaris. If the daemon is used without direct WAIS access then
it goes to our server at

This server has been there for a while but due to heavy overload on
info, PLEASE get your own WAIS gateway. See more information on this

Furthermore, there is a cern_httpd_3.0-lresolv.tar.Z for Sun4
which contains an httpd linked with the -lresolv option.

Remember that the binaries for utility programs (htadm, htimagem
cgiparse, and cgiutils) are distributed in a separate file in

Online docs:

The current address to send email about CERN Server is:

or use the mailing list about proxy problems.
To subscribe send the message

subscribe www-proxy Your Name


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CERN Httpd 3.0 Release Notes

* The common BUILD for the Line Mode Browser, the CERN Server and the Library
of common code now accepts a command line option:

BUILD linemode | daemon | library

to build a specific component. The default action is to build all three
parts. BUILD is now also provided in a Bourne Shell version

* Added
- IconPath
- AddIconToStd

as directives in the configuration file. The first one allows to redirect
the standard icons to another server without having to do the installation
manually. The second allows to add a icon to the standard set. This
is handy if a single icon is to be added for a specific MIME-type

* Also added the `LogFileDateExt' as a new configuration directive. It
specifies a common time/date extension for all the logfiles. Spaces
in the format are converted to `_`

* Logfiles are now opened with a O_APPEND option on UNIX platforms. This
should prevent child processes from writing to the log file at the
same time

* Bug in `\ ' parsing fixed in config file

* Bug in password recognition fixed. This ensures no more endless loops!

* Fixed bug on GMT time calculation (thanks to Michael Fischer)

* Increased the BACKLOG number of the listen command from 5 to 32 -
thanks to Simon E Spero,

* Error messages are always of type www/html. They were not initialized
in the previous release.

* Removed all use of inet_ntoa(). This function causes BIG problems on
many platforms

* Fixed bug in AddBlankIcon (now understands both with and w/o ALT tag)

* The '*' is not a valid alias for `All' in this release.

* Max linelength for any line in the config file is now put to 1024 characters

* Bug in Timezone calculation for sysV fixed, thanks to Rainer Klute

* Bug in redirection fixed. Now any search information is also
returned as a part of the redirection

* The no-linger will not be turned off as it is needed on some
platforms, e.g. the UTS

* Bug when calling a script with no name, that is "" fixed

* Cache garbage collection now falls back to default value 3.00am if
wrong date format given (was turned off completely)

* incorporated Lauren Weinstein's (second) ISC 3.0 changes

* This time Makefiles really don't have includes left

* HTPut.c no longer in the distribution (confused Imake)

* CacheSize automatically taken to be 90% of the given value (10% has been
experimentally seen to be the amount of diskspace taken up by the
directory structure and cache info files, and allows a suitable margin)

* Memory problem on AIX platform in buf_put_char() fixed

* Updated ICE package from

* Now zombies should be avoided on SVR3 platforms

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