Re: Forms support in clients

Karl Auerbach (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 03:32:52 +0100

> >(My preference is Scheme, but I somehow suspect that this isn't
> >necessarily going to be popular with People who have been brought
> >up on shell programming and C.)
> How about a pointer to information about Scheme?

Sure. Pull up Dave Bridgham's page:

And follow the pointers to scheme and the scheme underground.

It's an amazingly powerful and concise language -- I have trouble
with it because my brain is stuck in C/C++ styles.

There are a fair number of implementations out there, some with X11
toolkits. It is efficient enough that it is in some experimental RMON
network monitors which have to operate in quasi-real-time.

Let me know if you need more pointers.

Glad to here that you are interested.

By-the-way, what part of the world contains Verity? Are you in the SF Bay
area or ??