Re: File upload in HTML forms

Jon P. Knight (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 09:55:50 +0100

On Tue, 27 Sep 1994, Christian L. Mogensen wrote:

> Wouldn't this benefit from the Content-length instead of separators?
> Especially since the browser knows the lengths of all items before
> submission. i.e:

In general I agree with this, but it just struck me that there is a
degenerate case in UNIX (where else? :-) ) of named pipes. A user might
select the named pipe as the file to send and have the data generated by
the program at the other end of the pipe sent to the server (seems like a
sort of useful facility). The browser won't know the content length a
priori unless if buffers all the output before generating the MIME message (a
bit like the server doesn't know the content length of CGI script's output).


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