Re: WWW and non-English (was ISO charsets; Unicode )

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 11:09:04 +0100

In message <> Peter Svanberg writes:

> (in
> <URL:>)
> that a HTTP request can contain

> Accept-Language: <list>

> which is a list of "Language values which are preferable in the
> response".

> "header fields given with or in relation to
> objects in HTTP" is given as

> Content-Language: <code>

The document at CERN specifies language codes as ISO 3316 with optional ISO 639
country codes to specify a national variant. An example is given of en_UK for
British English. Does anyone have a list of these codes? (or a pointer to one)

Do they cover enough? For example can you specify things like Patagonian Welsh
(ha!). What about historical languages? The country may be called something
different, or (in the general case) the area of use of a language or language
variant may not mesh well with a specific modern country.