Re: HTML and Custom Interfaces (was RE: Non-Scrolling Region)

Jim Davis (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 00:18:25 +0100

Could we discuss this at WWW 94?

The BOF section of WWW 94 might be a fine time to discuss this.
I added a proposal to the list (

My proposed BOF ( reads
as follows:


HTML documents currently provide a limited amount of user interaction
though the forms and ISMAP interface, and a number of people have used
these to good effect. Now we also feel the limits of this interface.

It would be fun to talk about this. Topics might include:

* Establishing the requirements: what applications are simply not
possible now but could be?

* Are there simple extensions to HTML that could enable such
applications, or is this a bottomless pit?

* What are the issues for such interaction languages? (safety,
expressibility, multi-platform, multiple look-and-feel)

* Are there suitable existing languages? Among those suggested are Python,
Scheme+Tk, and safe-tcl.

For more information see