Re: Club Internet en France...

Nigel Willson (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 14:37:42 +0100

> Your announcement is inappropriate for the www-announce mailing list.
> This mailing list is for the announcement of new World-Wide Web
> sites/pages. Your commercial solicitation has nothing to do with the Web
> so far as I can see and nothing to do with www-announce since there's no
> Web URL for Club Internet en France.
> Please be more careful in future where you send your announcements.

I think you "jumped the gun" so to speak with your admonition. Club
Internet is 100% based on the World-Wide Web! :-) It is constructed
from a distributed set of Web servers many of which are provided by
sponsoring companies and linked into the club. Our "commercial
solicitation", as you call it, was merely a pre-announcement to seek
those wishing to contribute to the club.

The reason our Web URL has not been announced is because it does not
open for access until 1995 and thus is not yet available to be accessed.
The club will have a large area with free access and a subscriber only

I hope this clears up both yours and everyone else's misconception about
our announcement -- we have been inundated!

Our apologies for any confusion or disappointment that the URL is not
yet public -- watch the newspapers for that snippet -- not this space!

Nigel Willson.
> We would like to take this opportunity to pre-announce a new and
> exciting user group focused mainly on new European Internet Users.
> ---- -------- -- ------
> In joint cooperation with various commercial sponsors, Business
> Connections is building Club Internet which will open it's doors
> to users in January 1995. The focus of the club is to provide a
> local focus for European users wishing to discover the Internet.
> The club will offer many features found in every SIG with magazine
> features, free software, mirrored servers, and pointers to the
> most interesting information out there in cyberspace.
> Today, Business Connections are seeking:
> o Writers who wish to contribute news, information, magazine
> articles, and announcements about every facet of the Internet,
> o Commercial sponsors who wish to contribute to Club Internet,
> (all sponsors will receive free advertising, etc.)
> o Any companies interested in donating prizes,
> o User groups who would like to manage forums on specific topics,
> o Publishers - Club Internet will feature a vast amount of
> electronically published material, including extracts from
> many new and exciting computer books.
> Our sponsorship team are working towards this becoming the European
> CompuServe on the Internet -- but with world-wide support.
> If you would like to contribute to Club Internet in some way then,
> please send e-mail to the address contained in this message with a
> subject header of: CLUB INTERNET.
> Following this message is some additional information on the scope
> of the club (subject to change).
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> "A State-of-the-Art On-Line Multimedia Experience"
> In joint cooperation with partners and sponsors (to be
> announced) in the world of computing and publishing, Business
> Connections have founded and are building a non-profit
> organisation, called CLUB INTERNET.
> CLUB INTERNET is an informative state-of-the-art computing club
> for Internet users and enthusiasts in France.
> CLUB INTERNET offers an on-line multimedia experience with all
> the latest news and information published electronically, in
> both English and French, with full-colour photographs,
> graphics, and sound.
> CLUB INTERNET features an electronic marketplace - 'Galeries du
> Cyberspace' where you can browse all the latest products from
> all over the world, in our electronic full-colour catalogs, and
> place an order on-line!
> CLUB INTERNET features informative extracts from computer
> publications which have been faithfully electronically
> published.
> CLUB INTERNET features classic BBS-style electronic forum
> discussion groups and complete libraries of new demo and free
> software, donated by computer companies, together with classic
> CD-ROM libraries of PC software for downloading.
> CLUB INTERNET funds will be used towards; improvement of the
> service for it's members, expansion to other European
> countries, and for donations to deserving community spirited
> public network service initiatives.
> CLUB INTERNET opens it's doors for business in January 1995 and
> welcomes all enquiries with regard to advertising, offers of
> support, and sponsorship.
> Further information about CLUB INTERNET can be obtained from: