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On Thu, 29 Sep 1994, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:

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> >> If we knew more exactly about what we
> >> wanted to do, we could come up with a non-procedural description.
> >> ( Which is clearly the safe-est representation of all! )
> >
> >Well, I really have to disagree with this one point. The whole point of
> >extension languages, to my mind, is dealing with the unanticipated.
> Be very careful before you make this leap. I've been dealing with
> document formats for years, and if there's one thing I've learned,
> it's that making documents into programs is fraught with peril.


I may have forgotten to credit you, but your "On Formally Unconvertable
Document Formats",[1] as well as other discussions re: markup vs.
presentation, were in mind when I was questioning procedural
representation. Especially your remarks about finding the third word
in a TeX document.

I don't (in some contexts) want a piece of code that opens a window and
prints a message asking me a question, etc. because, if I want to handle
this by an automated process, instead of interactively, I have
non-marked-up text to scan ( a program source ) to try to figure out what
it is doing. *If* the language can be constrained to higher level
functions that are trivially decipherable, then I suspect whatever it
does can be represented non-procedurally.

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