Re: WWW/Mosaic widget

Fri, 30 Sep 1994 05:50:56 +0100

>From: BSMITH @ SMTP (Bill Smith) {}
>Date: Thursday, September 29, 1994 4:16PM
>Why would the reader want to use my preferences? One example
>of many I could cite...
>Lets say I write a series of headlines
>to a particular count so each will nicely fill
>one line on the screen. If my reader doesn't know what font and size
>I used when I wrote the headline ... he/she may end up with an
>ugly display that splits the head over two very uneven lines ...
>and throws off the view of what else can be taken in at a glance
>without scrolling the display.
>For the work I'm doing at the moment,
>I really don't need to be able to mimic
>a multi-column newspaper page display ... but I'd like to give
>the reader the option of seeing a very close approximation of
>what I saw as I composed the document.

But you'd need to know my video resolution, window size, etc. to be able to
judge what fonts on MY screen would give a 'close approximation' of what's
on YOUR screen. Rather difficult...

The alternative, of course, would be to design for the lowest possible
resolution, fewest available fonts, etc. putting you farther from your goal
than what you can do today...