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Richard Koman (
Sat, 1 Oct 1994 02:02:31 +0100

At 12:21 AM 10/1/94 +0100, Craig O'Donnell wrote:
>> I suppose, however, that the widget could be
>> extended to be able to say to the user
>> -- oops, you haven't got
>> the font needed to optimize this document ... so what
>> you see may not be what the designer intended.
>Well, more to the pint is that Will's Widgetron would either have a user
>pref, or a dialog box, and it would say "should I get the missing font?"
>and it'll zap back and obtain said code object.
>I suppose there would have to be a pref called something like "flush
>exotic fonts" which would get rid of those (locally) when you're done.
>Of course you could choose to keep them.
>This isnt' greatly different in princile from AOL and eWorld downloads of
>PICTs and icons to your local hard disk.
>I'm a "few font man" but many other Mac owners I know has 40 or 50 fonts.
>Or 80.
>-- COD
This is why people have been working on platform-independent,
application-independent, font-independent portable file formats like Acrobat
and Common Ground.

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