Re: Developing 'language tags' for HTML3.0

Mike Paciello, VIIS: 381-1831 (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 15:09:51 EDT

>Another point is, that HTML comes from SGML,
>and some SGML-rules were broken. One SGML-rule is, that tags
>must not be longer than 8 letters (broken by <BLOCKQUOTE>).
>Perhaps you can propose a tag, which does not exceed 8 letters.

I find this an interesting thread and wonder if the mechanism for the
<LANGUAGE> tag doesn't already exist via the new accessibility attributes
in HTML 2.0 (SDA).

This would be based on the ICADD DTD (ISO 1208-3), which included the LANG
attribute. I'll check into this with Yuri Rubinsky who is on the working

(Sorry for the abrupt interruption. I'm generally just a listener here.)


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