Information in the log file to calculate approximate response time

Prasad Wagle (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 19:03:04 +0800

For each request the CERN server stores a time value in the access log
file. It would be nice if the following information were available:

1. Time at which the request was received.
2. Time at which the first byte of the reply was written.
3. Time at which the connection was shutdown.

This would provide extremely useful information (even though it is
approximate) about:

1. server response time
2. network transfer time
3. total response time

Does this make sense? Are there any servers that do this?

Ari Luotonen wrote on 23 Jun 1995 that Netscape servers store the
transfer time for each request. How is this calculated, that is, at
what points in the code are the timestamps recorded?


In the SPEC SFS committee, we are working on Webperf which is an
industry standard WWW server benchmark. The benchmark is based on
LADDIS which is the industry standard NFS file server benchmark. The
Webperf prototype is available. Please let me know if you need more
information on the SPEC SFS committee or if you would like to
contribute to benchmark code development and workload

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