NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows v2.0.0 Final Beta

Terrence M. McLaren (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 14:30:40 -0500 (CDT)

NCSA Mosaic(TM) v2.0.0 Final Beta

NCSA Mosaic is an Internet navigation and data retrieval tool. It will
allow you to access network information with the click of a mouse button.
Mosaic is capable of accessing data from World Wide Web servers (HTTP),
Gopher servers, FTP servers and Usenet News servers (NNTP). Mosaic can
also access other data services through gateway servers. These services
provide search capabilities in database environments such as PH, Archie,
WAIS, and Veronica. NCSA Mosaic provides transparent access to these
information sources and services. NCSA Mosaic software is copyright The
Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois (UI), and ownership remains
with the UI. The UI grants you a license without a fee to use the Mosaic
software for personal, academic, research, government and internal
business purposes. For information about licensing or distributing Mosaic
see the FAQs at the end of this document.

Below are the naming schemes we are using for this release.

With a Setup Program:

mos20fb.exe ......Win3.1x, WfW 3.1x, Win95 & WinNT for the Intel processor

Without a Setup Program:

axp.mosaic.2.0.0fb.exe.................WinNT for the DEC aXP
mips.mosaic.2.0.0fb.exe................WinNT for the MipsPC

Features and Enhancements

- Internal Image Support
- Toolbar interface for NEWS
- Help
- New HTML support
- New FTP Support
- Hot Key Mapping
- Sound Scheme Mapping
- MD5 Authentication
- Speed improvements

Dead Bugs

- Hotlist manager more stable and shouldn't crash.
- Document source is displayed for cached and local files.
- Text and images within the same cell of a table get formatted
- Printing has been improved.
- Print not sizing properly (right margin truncating words)
- Forms controls are sized according to the form control font.
- Many other forms related bugs have been fixed
- Palette problems in 256 color mode should be fixed.
- URLs larger than 256 characters won't crash Mosaic.
- Win 95 scroll crashing and scroll related problems
- Find/Search won't crash
- < IMG SRC=" " > && < IMG SRC= > don't crash
- <Hn>...</Hn> tags inside <HEAD> no longer cause all normal text
to appear as <Hn>
- Other <HEAD> related bugs fixed
- Document source displays before the images are paginated.
- Mosaic won't download files after you cancel an unrecognized
MIME type.
- proxy server definitions: ==
- Newsgroup updates w/o defined NNTP server won't hang Mosaic.
- Tables: text wrapping within a cell won't take on the characteristics
of the <address> font
- Mosaic will find internal anchors in stand alone mode.
- Mosaic will let Telnet apps take to foreground.
- <A HREF=""> and <A HREF=" "> are ignored.
- mailto: from location bar works. ie.
- Mosaic recognizes SMTP IP number addressing.
- Incorrect password for FTP login allows you to retype the password.
- and many more dead bugs.......

See the relnotes.htm file for additional information about the new
features and enhancements.

NCSA Mosaic for Windows is available from our anonymous ftp server,, in the /Mosaic/Windows directory. You can also find
links to the new file from our home page.


The NCSA Software Development Group


System Requirements


Mosaic operates under Microsoft Windows on one of the following processor

Intel iX86 - Intel's 386, 486, and Pentium processors
DEC aXP - Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) aXP 64-bit processor
MIPS PC - Mips Technology processor
Power PC - Motorola, IBM, Apple Power PC processor

The minimum requirement for the Intel processor is a 80386SX-based machine
with 4MB RAM operating in enhanced mode. Consult your Windows manual for
information about running your system in enhanced memory mode.


Operating System - Mosaic requires one of the following Windows operating

Intel (iX86) Microsoft Windows 3.1x, Windows for Workgroups 3.1x,
Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT version 3.5

DEC aXP Microsoft Windows NT version 3.5
Mips PC Microsoft Windows NT version 3.5

Win32s and OLE

Win32s is a subsystem created by Microsoft for the Windows 3.1x and Windows
for Workgroups 3.1x 16-bit operating systems. The Win32s libraries allow
Win3.1x and WfW 3.1x users to run Win32 (32-bit) applications on their
16-bit operating systems. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) allows Mosaic
to use its Common Client Interface (CCI) and communicate with other

Windows NT and Windows 95 Users:

Windows NT v3.5 and Windows 95 are 32-bit operating systems with built-in
support for OLE. WinNT and Win95 users should NOT install Win32s with OLE
on their computers.

Windows 3.1x and Windows for Workgroups 3.1x Users:

Win3.1x and WfW 3.1x are 16-bit operating system and you will need to
install Microsoft's Win32s with OLE software. The latest version of Win32s
is available from NCSA's FTP site,, in the
/Mosaic/Windows directory. The file w32sOLE.exe is a self-extracting
executable. Download the file, put it in a temporary directory (c:\install)
and type w32sOLE. This program will expand and decompress all associated
files. Now follow the appropriate instructions for installing or upgrading
Win32s found in the Win32s installation section of this document.

The latest version of Win32s, version 1.25, addresses the National Language
Support problem and the compobj.dll problem some Windows users were
experiencing with Win32s v1.20. We recommend you upgrade to this latest
version if you use a language other than English(American) in your Windows
environment. We also recommend you upgrade if you have experienced problems
with the compobj.dll library while using Microsoft Office, Excel or Word.
In general, if you are NOT experiencing problems with Win32s v1.20,
upgrading to Win32s v1.25 is not necessary.

NOTE: Install Win32s BEFORE you attempt to install Mosaic. Mosaic's
installation program, setup.exe, is also a 32-bit application.