Re: File upload from a Web browser

Rob Hartill (
Wed, 12 Jul 95 16:53:11 MDT

> > Don't hold your breath waiting for the browser developers
> > to implement a file upload option. It's trivial, but still a pipe
> > dream for most service providers.
> Don't hold your breath, use it. Browser implementors respond to
> customer demand, not standards writers.

Well we've needed this feature for over a year, and have pestered
Netscape to implement it. No luck so far.

We even tried using the large number of licensed Netscapes here at
LANL as some kind of leverage in the "discussion", but Netscape don't
even bother to reply.

Our breath is often wasted on Netscape developers...

File upload
Accept header configuration
content-encoding support
forced reloads (excluding if-modified-since headers)
forms mailto:
: : : :



breathing for myself, not LANL.