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Tad Coburn (tcoburn@vermeer.com)
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 10:02:46 -0400

At 08:15 AM 7/13/95 -0500, Darmadi Komo wrote:
>Protection SECRET {
> UserID www
> GroupID All
> AuthType Basic
> ServerID SecretServer
> PasswdFile /local/Web/setup/passwd.protected
> GroupFile /local/Web/setup/group.protected
> GetMask All@(*.imac.georgetown.edu)
> }
>Protect /local/Web/protect/* SECRET
>- File passwd.protected is the file I created using htadm
>- File group.protected is www : All
>Can anybody answer these questions :
>It didn't prompt my username and password when I tried to access the
>directory /local/Web/protect/*.html. Why?
>What are UserID and GroupID do exactly with the content of the

UserID and GroupID are UNIX ids, and are *not* related to the
passwd.protected and group.protected files at all. I think this is your
problem (unless your system has a UNIX user named 'www' in a group 'All').

In addition, the UserID and GroupID only apply if you run your CERN server
as a root process. If you do run CERN as root, then, when it spawns a
sub-process to handle each request, the sub-process will run as the UserID
and GroupID specified. This can prevent the server from accessing files
owned by other UNIX userid, etc. If you don't run your CERN server as root,
I think UserID and GroupID are ignored (not sure).

Hope this helps.

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