Re: File upload from a Web browser

Rob Hartill (
Thu, 13 Jul 95 11:15:23 MDT

Gavin Nicol wrote:

>Sounds to me like someone needs to write a new freeware browser that
>makes Netscape look bad.

I don't think that'd help. Nestscape is king of the browsers and
they pushed the technology along nicely (in places). It's just very
frustrating to see them drag their heels on some of the more useful
features of HTML/HTTP in favour of what to many of us are just cute
bells and whistles.

It may be that Netscape and other commercial browser developers are
forced to pander to big business and make it easier for them to turn
the internet into a giant billboard. If so, what channels are available
for all the "little guys" to get support for the so far ignored
parts of HTML/HTTP they need to make their projects feasible ? They also
hand over their $$$s... "Use the offical channels" you might say, but
what do you do when those keep failing ?. At the moment, you either
shut up and be forgotten, or air your grievances and be labelled a whiner.

Maybe what's needed is a way to categorise browsers, e.g. an independent
body (W3O ?) could give browsers some kind of seal of approval when they
support all the features of a given HTML/HTTP version. This might encourage
the companies to support long awaited features before they let the
programmers loose to play with the bells and whistles.