Paper submission to WWW4

Jerrold Maddox (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 11:49:23 -0500

This is to inquire if anyone has been successful in submitting their papers
for the WWW4 conference in Boston by ftp. I have been trying and the person
responding to my requests has not been able, so far, to understand the
problem I am having.

I sent in a intent of submit, receive a number and instructions by e-mail
and was told to use these:
user anonymous
cd /incoming/www95
put 51.tar

I have gotten to but can't find the file: cd /incoming/www95

Instead I sent the information in as an e-mail with the .gz file attached
but that was ignored.

Am I doing something wrong? If so what am I missing?

Jerry Maddox