Re[2]: PC servers

Darren Blaine Day (
Mon, 17 Jul 95 16:39:33 EDT

>>> Anyone have experience with PC-based web servers? Which?
I'm using GoServe under OS/2 2.11 on a 386/25mhz machine
with 16 megs of memory. It was easy to set up and works
fine for me. I doubt if my setup is ideal for a server
getting a hundred hits a minute. Still, performance is
great on this old machine with 2 or 3 people grabbing
stuff at the same time. GoServe can also be used as a
gopher server, although I haven't explored that aspect
of the package.

GoServe uses filters written in REXX rather than following
CGI. The separate GoHTTP package provides CGI-Bin support,

GoServe is available at:

GoHTTP can be found at:

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