Re: Accurate user-based log file analysis

Brian Behlendorf (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 16:33:49 -0700 (PDT)

If you send marketing stuff like this to a technical list like www-talk,=20
I presume you intend for it to be a locus of conversation on the topic. =20
I'll even ignore the fact that is was cross-posted to three other lists=20
which have nothing to do with this tool (www-html, www-lib, www-style).

On Mon, 17 Jul 1995, Terry Myerson wrote:
> We started shipping today Inters=E9=92 market focus, a Windows based Inte=
> marketing tool.
> Inters=E9 market focus creates trend graphs, bar charts, tables, and sort=
> lists from standard web site log files. While other tools count "hits" or
> "hosts", Inters=E9 market focus provides you with an accurate tally of W=
> site users. You can analyze your entire log file, or select and analyze
> sub-sets of the logs for targetted analysis.

I'd like to see your definition of "users". For a sufficiently small=20
site, letting users=3Dunique hosts *might* be acceptible. For large sites,=
there could be 20 people coming from behind or=20 or or * - how does your=20
software divine those individuals? What assumptions are being made about=
visitors? Is the analysis happening on standard common log files, or=20
are other types of logfiles generated and used?

If it's getstats++, say so. But don't say it provides counts of "users"=20
without also stating the assumptions used to generate that number.

> The software includes the Inters=E9 Internet database, which contains mos=
> U.S. Internet domains indexed by city, state, and zip code, combined with
> other Internet demographic information. Coupling this information with yo=
> log files, the software translates Internet address into actual organizat=
> names and produce geogrpahic analyses of your site=92s specific user comm=

There's going to be a whole lotta hits coming from Vienna, Virginia,=20
White Plains, NY, and Columbus, Ohio!



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