Re: List Etiquette

Rainer Klute (
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 08:57:52 +0200

>Before everyone jumps into a flame fest, let me remind our subscribers
>that this forum is not the place for announcements UNLESS the announced
>product is intended for the developer/hacker of source code and is
>specifically related to the World-Wide Web project. ANYONE that posts
>to this WG a product announcement that does not include complete source
>code (and the right to look at it, play with it, sleep with it under
>your pillow at night, etc.) will be subject to severe retribution from
>the crowd at large.
> ** NOTE: This also includes announcements for versions of **
> ** free software browsers that do not include source code, **
> ** even if some other version of the browser includes source. **

What about Arena? :-)

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