Re: Accurate user-based log file analysis

Arley Carter (
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 14:46:16 -0400 (EDT")

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Terry Myerson wrote:

> Putting the discussion of what is a user aside for a second,
> Of the domestic users, we consistently see about 15-20% from online services,
> and the following characteristics of the remainder:
> 30% are academic - The location of these users can be determined.
> 30% are from small businesses - The location of these users can be determined
> 20% are from large businesses - The location of these users can't be assured
> So you can know about 2/3 of your users, or you can know about none of them.
> This is not useless.
No disagreement here. However, I don't know a media buyer in the world that
wouldn't laugh me out of his office with that line of "quantative"
reasoning. Besides I can get the same type of info from getstats and
several other packages. The last thing we need in tools is more

IMHO you have not rigorously analyzed the market for your product and
what is necessary for the product to be sucessful. If you can follow through
on this analysis *and* produce *then* I think you will have a winning
product. Perhaps you should consider the current product an Alpha and
work from there. There are lots of people out here including me that
are working toward the same goal you are. FWIW sending out your product to
others working on the same problem may get you to your goal quicker than
trying to go it alone.

Just my $.02 worth. This advice is worth what you paid for it :-)


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