Re: Verity news items

Brian Gaines (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 16:48:01 -0500

>>Nick, those news items are not relevant to software developers,
>>and so should not be announced on www-talk. Toolkit announcements
>>are okay, marketing announcements are not.
>>....Roy Fielding (
>(sigh) This used to be one of the only lists where do you have to see all
>those "this is not appropriate for this list" messages. Perhaps we should
>create www-chatter?
>(BTW, Nick, I enjoyed seeing the announcement!)

These were interesting announcements and appropriate to a www "talk"
stream. If there is to be a list restricted to software development
then perhaps it should have a name that reflects that.

I changed Roy's "software developers" to "development" because it seems
that is what he must have meant. The announcements WERE eminently relevant
to developers -- we all want to know what other developers are doing!


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