archive database

by way of (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 12:03:52 -0600

I should have done this earlier, but didn't really have time to do it.
Here is a brief description of how to fill the database. Please send me
any suggestion and opinions.

- File Name: Name of the archive in the internet
- DOS File Name: DOS conpatible file name you can create file names
byyourself, but I recommend to make a function to do it so the conversion
is consistent.
- key words: we have to decide what key words we use but for now, leave
them blank
- author name: last name first, separated by comma. so my name is gona
look "Ashida, Koji"
- site & shareware status & file type: try not to add any more. Choose
one from the list. If you think you need to add something, send e-mail
to other people ( ones who get this mail would be good enough, I think )
with the new option
- one liner: description of the file from the internet. can be copy righted
- description: any descriptive text from the archive. this will be used
to make another one liner by ourself
- no good: doesn't run, corrupted

I'm planning to add another field for _our_ one liners. Is it OK for you

Ask me anything about the database.