looking for archives of www-talk, www-html, and www-proxy

David Lewis (lewis@research.att.com)
Wed, 26 Jul 95 08:36 EDT

Hi Folks - I'm interested in reconstructing the complete archives of
several www related mailing lists, both to provide a useful resource
and to show off some automated hypertext construction tools we're
working on here.

The W3 Mailing lists page

has pointers to mbox format archives of www-talk for 1991 and 1992,
the first and second quarters of 1993, and a recent archive for
Feb. 1994 through Feb. 1995. Does anyone have the missing months (Jul
1993 to Jan. 1994), or for that matter the post-Feb. 1995 data? (
Some of these are available in the hypermail indexed version, but I'd
like to get the original form of the messages.) I talked to the W3
org about this, but their limited resources are being directed to
more crucial matters.

Similarly, there's a pointer to archives of of www-html for May 1994
to February 1995. Am I correct in assuming that www-html was in
fact formed in May 1994 as an offshoot of www-talk? Does anyone
have the post Feb. 1995 messages?

Finally, the archives for www-proxy go from June 1994 through
Jan. 1995, but it looks like the list started earlier than June 1994?
Are there any earlier archives available?

Regards, Dave Lewis

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