Re: Care and feeding of www-* mailing lists

Roy Fielding (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 14:56:54 -0400

>As long as you _are_ babysitting the lists, there's this little problem I've
>been having with the medium, never mind the message... an apparently random
>subset of the messages to www-talk arrive in my mailbox sans most of the
>fields you'd expect in an RFC822 header (your message, below, is one such).
>I could understand if all messages suffered this fate, or no messages did,
>but the mixture of the two is pretty weird.

Yes, I do know about this. In fact, I get several hundred bounce messages
every time it happens. The bug is in Solaris and/or Solaris' sendmail
and/or the fact that our distribution machine is experiencing massive
hardware failures several times a day and Sun is dragging its feet in
response. *sigh*

I tried to install a newer version of sendmail last month, but the
author has perversely decided to distribute BSDI-specific makefiles. *sigh*

We are moving the lists to a Linux box because of this, but the timeframe
went to hell when our main AFS disk died without warning. *sigh*

It'll get there eventually ...

....Roy Fielding (