Re: Simple Vector file format for Web?

Peter K. Sheerin (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 01:13:44 +0000

On 30 Jul 95 at 20:19, Gavin Nicol wrote:

> >I have seen two discussions on supporting vector files on the web,
> >complete with hyperlinks in the vector image. One was an extension of
> >CGM, and the other was a new format called SVF.
> I'm not sure about SVF, but I believe that some people are trying to get
> CGM registered as a MIME type. I believe that some freeware viewers
> should be released soon too. How about NAPLS? That was another format
> that looked interesting (a long time ago...).

OK, but what does having a file type registered as a MIME type do that's
specific to support in HTML documents?

I'm not talking about just one more graphics format, as in PNG, JPEG,
etc., but a vector (or combined vector/raster) format which can include
hyperlinks attached to areas or vectors (or perhaps even embedded text).

Is this within the domain of the HTML-WG at all? Where did existing
standards for image maps get defined (as implimented by NCSA and
Netscape -- I believe they are simply defined by the server
implimentations)? And where are client-side image maps being defined (HTML 3.0,
right?)? Shouldn't this fall in the domain of something other than just
MIME registration, because of the (proposed) inclusion of hyperlinks? Or
will this just be another standard loosly defined by those who impliment
it first <shudder>?

> Followup to please.

1/2 done. I'll take html-wg off the list once I'm sure I understand where
the responsibility properly falls....
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