Re: Simple Vector file format for Web?

Steve Waterbury (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 09:10:51 -0400

> >I'm not talking about just one more graphics format, as in PNG, JPEG,
> >etc., but a vector (or combined vector/raster) format which can include
> >hyperlinks attached to areas or vectors (or perhaps even embedded text).
> Yes, and I have heard of various groups defining such extensions to
> CGM, but have yet to hear anything, WWW related or not.

I think IGES may be closer to an http hyperlinking
capability than CGM is. IGES, a widely used standard
for CAD file exchange, is also in the process of being
registered as a MIME type. I don't know if there are any
PD IGES browsers on the way, but there are several commercial
ones (which probably don't yet handle http hyperlinking).

> The real problem is not HTML, but implementation of modular browsers.

... or just other browsers with http linking capability,
which can "interoperate" with HTML browsers.

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