Re: Let's talk strategy (was: Re: Web Reliability)

Bob Cunningham (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 08:18:25 -1000

My own numbers (raw hits from an assortment of academic sites in Hawaii
over the last two months) show Netscape/Mozilla 1.[12] at 54%, followed
by NCSA Mosaic at 13%, older versions of Netscape/Mozilla at 12%, then
IBM WebExplorer at 4% (and increasing noticeably). Then everything
else, including Lynx at about 1% (the proportion of images varies by site,
but as an indicator of browser type, I'd tend to multiply the figures
for Lynx by about 3x, making it arguably the next-most common browser
behind WebExplorer, but ahead of AIR, NetCruiser, PRODIGY, etc.).